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Torrance is a coastal U.S. city in the South Bay (southwestern) region of Los Angeles County. Torrance has 1.5 miles of beaches on the Pacific Ocean. It is immediately bordered by Lomita to the east, Gardena and Lawndale to the north, Redondo Beach and the Pacific Ocean to the west, and Rolling Hills and Palos Verdes Estates to the south.

Its boundaries are: Redondo Beach Boulevard and the cities of Lawndale and Gardena to the north; Western Avenue and the Harbor Gateway neighborhood of Los Angeles to the east; the Palos Verdes Hills with the cities of Lomita, Rolling Hills Estates and Palos Verdes Estates on the south; and the Pacific Ocean and city of Redondo Beach to the west.

 The City of Torrance includes an area often referred to as South Redondo, call the Hollywood Riviera. Although this area is in Torrance, the homes have a Redondo Beach Post Office zip code. This area is divided into two areas, the “Upper Riviera” and “Lower Riviera.”

Torrance Beach lies between Redondo Beach and Malaga Cove on the Santa Monica Bay. The southernmost stretch of Torrance Beach, on a cove at the northern end of the Palos Verdes peninsula, is known to locals as RAT Beach (Right After Torrance).

Torrance has a general aviation airport, originally named Torrance Airport and now named Zamperini Field after the local track star and WWII hero (who also graduated from Torrance High School).

The Torrance Cultural Arts Center hosts cultural events throughout the year, providing diverse educational, cultural, and entertainment experiences. Torrance is also home to the Torrance Art Museum, South Bay Ballet, Torrance Performing Arts Consortium, the South Bay Conservatory, and the Torrance Symphony.

There are approximately twenty popular parks located throughout the City of Torrance. Wilson Park is 44 acres with picnic areas, sports facilities, and a skatepark. Some other Torrance area parks include; Wilson Park, Walteria Park, Columbia Park, Torrance Beach Park, Guenser Park, Discovery Park, La Carretera Park, and Lago Seco Park! The Madrona Marsh Wildlife Preserve & Nature Center is a free-to-the-public CA wetlands park.

Torrance Unified School District (TUSD) was established in 1947 and unified in 1948. The district’s jurisdiction includes approximately 21 square miles, and it operates 17 elementary schools, eight middle schools, five high schools (one of which is a continuation school), three adult education centers, and a child development center.