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Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is coastal city in Los Angeles County, California, located in the South Bay region of the Greater Los Angeles area and is the largest of the three South Bay “beach cities.” It is home to the Redondo Beach King Harbor Marina and the Redondo Beach Pier. Redondo Beach is distinctly divided into two sections, South Redondo Beach and North Redondo Beach.

SOUTH Redondo Beach is along the beachfront with the pier and marina/harbor complex. The Esplanade is to Redondo Beach as the “Strand” is to Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. The homes along this magnificent ocean-view area of South Redondo are a mixture of condominiums, townhomes, and single-family homes. There is a strip of beachfront that belongs to the City of Torrance (Torrance Beach) and where the Redondo Beach sand begins until it meets with Hermosa Beach.

There is an area that is referred to as South Redondothe Hollywood Riviera, but it is indeed part of the City of Torrance. Although this area is in the City of Torrance, this section is located within the Redondo Beach Post Office and has a 90277 R.B. zip code. This area is further divided into Upper Riviera and Lower Riviera. Many of the Upper Riviera homes have panoramic ocean and Queen’s Necklace views, and some of the Lower Riviera homes do as well.

The Riviera Village is the heart of South Redondo Beach with its casual and fine dining, shopping, wine tasting establishments and the location of many seasonal and holiday events.

The Lower Avenues refers to some of the priciest homes in South Redondo Beach. This narrow strip of Redondo Beach, running from Avenue A through Avenue H has large, flat lots and within very close proximity to the beach and the Rivera Village.

The Upper Avenues refers are south of Torrance Boulevard, but run further east than the Lower Avenues. This area also has homes with wide lots and is within very close proximity to the beach and the Riviera Village. The Avenues start on the north at Avenue A and continue south to Avenue G.

North of Torrance Boulevard is the part of South Redondo Beach that runs deeper into South Redondo Beach and is in close proximity to Redondo Union High School.

NORTH Redondo Beach includes areas referred to as the “Golden Hills,” “Villas North,” “Villas South,” and “El Nino.” While primarily residential, North Redondo contains some of the city’s commercial & industrial space, including the inland aerospace & engineering firms that are part of Southern California’s long space legacy. Also located in N. Redondo is the South Bay Galleria.

The Golden Hills area of North Redondo Beach borders Hermosa Beach, parts of Manhattan Beach and South Redondo Beach. The homes in this area have smaller lots, but many are two-story homes. There are some duplexes and triplexes in this area as well.

The Villas North section of North Redondo Beach is located north of Artesia Boulevard, East of Aviation Boulevard, South of Marine Street, and West of Inglewood Boulevard. This is area is populated by many two- or three-on-a-lot style townhomes.

The Villas South section of North Redondo Beach has a triangular boundary and is zoned with more multi-family properties than the Villas North. This is a great area if you are looking for an area with quite a few townhomes and close proximity to major commuter routes.

The El Nino section of North Redondo Beach is a quaint neighborhood that is made up of primarily original homes with large backyards and set back from the street allowing for nice-sized front yards.


The Redondo Beach Unified School District serves the city of Redondo Beach and is the zoned high school. Redondo Beach has two middle schools, Adams Middle School and Parras Middle School. Adams Middle School, located in North Redondo Beach, primarily serves 6th to 8th grade students in the North Redondo area, while Parras Middle School is the designated middle school of South Redondo Beach. The Redondo Beach Unified School District also has eight established elementary schools: Alta Vista, Beryl Heights, Birney, Jefferson, Lincoln, Madison, Tulita, and Washington. All twelve schools are evenly divided throughout the North and South areas of Redondo Beach.

Torrance also has several private schools. Catholic schools under the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles include Bishop Montgomery High School, Nativity Catholic School, St James Catholic School and St Catherine Laboure Catholic School. Protestant private schools include Ascension Lutheran School and First Lutheran School.[79] Pacific Lutheran High School is in Gardena. Other Torrance area schools include, Riviera Hall Lutheran School, Riviera Methodist School, and South Bay Junior Academy.