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Donna’s Philosophy

You might ask “What makes a real estate agent a GREAT one – and – why should we work with you?” 

Many traits can be taught, while others are innate or naturally developed through experience. I bring a confluence of traits and attributes that I know will be highly important to you:

  • HONESTY. Honest above all else. I always tell the truth even when it is not what my clients want to hear.  Honesty is the best sales tool and the foundation of my business.  Trust takes years to build but can be destroyed in a few seconds by less than ethical actions and false words. 
  • INTEGRITY. It is not just telling the truth.  It’s doing what’s right when no one is looking.
  • PROFESSIONALISM. From the dress to manners, the agent you hire is the extension of you to everyone they encounter in the home sale or purchase journey. I conduct myself and present myself with the utmost professionalism and respect for myself, clients, partners, affiliates, lenders, inspectors, other agents, and potential buyers and sellers.
  • CREATIVE & INNOVATIVE MARKETERS. Remember you are not looking for the agent that does the bare minimum. Does your prospective agent provide a comprehensive marketing plan? Is s/he aware of positioning you to get what you want? Will your agent find a way to make your listing stand out amongst the competition and expose your property to the widest audience? I do all that and more. In fact, creative marketing is one of our specialties and I have a few rabbits to pull out of my hat, which I am happy to share with you.
  • DILIGENCE. Care, attention, and persistence are intrinsic to everything I will do for you and on your behalf.
  • DETERMINED. Call it tenacity, “true grit,” resiliency, fortitude, or backbone, your agent(s) need(s) it to get you the best results. “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” ~ Michael Jordan
  • REPUTATION. Reputation is everything in the real estate business with both clients and the cooperating agents we work with. With many years working in the real estate industry and living in the South Bay all our lives, I have a long history of demonstrating my diligence and willingness to go the extra mile for my clients and do whatever it takes to get the deal done. This influences other agents to want to work with me – and my reputation goes a very long way in getting my clients what they want.
  • DETAILED As a former auditor, Donna knows that the slightest error can have grave consequences and she is trained to find discrepancies. Accuracy is significant for decision making and our accuracy protects my clients.  I know that every detail could mean the difference between a successful transaction and a failed one. “It is the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” ~ John Wooden
  • EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Will your potential agnet stay in regular communicaation with his/her clients? Can s/he communicate with all types of personalities? There are many people involved in buying or selling a home and good relationships with these people can be a big deal in getting you what you want and all the information to make the best decisions. Donna doesn’t just transact; she listens, observes, teaches, instructs, explains, and ensures all parties know where they stand and what to do next. I am adaptable and communicative in a way that matches anyone’s personal style and preference.
  • STRONG NEGOTIATORS.  You want a tiger, not a pussy cat. But you also want someone who knows how to position him/herself before negotiations begin; and someone who understands the psychological and science of the negotiation process. Donna was a contract auditor for the DoD, which meant she had to provide information to support the negotiator’s position long before the negotiations took place. She uses this experience and know-how to strongly provide support for her client’s positions. I have an exceptional negotiation’s background and I have produced superior outcomes for all my clients.
  • EXPERTISE. Is your Realtor active in the local market daily? Do they have any background skills that they use in their current profession as a Realtor?  What other certifications do they bring to the table to better equip them to find you buyers or help you find your dream home? With regular data analysis on the local market and certifications in areas, such as; First-Time Home Buyer Specialist, Palos Verdes Specialist, Senior Real Estate Specialist, and as a Certified Transaction Coordinator, Donna brings much more expertise, knowledge, and credibility to you than simply having a real estate license.
  • RESOURCEFUL. Not only do I have a team of professionals I rely on, I maintain mutual relationships, so we are there for each other. No matter how much an agent knows, they will always need others.  Whether it’s a lender, contractor, title rep. or a friend, people are some of your best resources. With – dare we say – over 50 years living in the South Bay, Donna has many contacts and built many relationships with other resourceful experts who will help me help you in any area, before, during, and after the transaction is complete. “Life is too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful.” ~ Jeff Bezos.
  • SELF-MOTIVATED. I don’t need to be told to take action; I am proactive. I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. With Donna, you will get a Realtor with high energy and a strong worth ethic. “I don’t do things half-heartedly.  Because I know if I do, then I can expect half-hearted results.” ~ Michael Jordan
  • GOAL-ORIENTED & COMPETITIVE. I know that it’s a competitive world out there, and this includes purchasing or selling a home. If I am representing you, it’s important that I write a competitive offer that puts your offer at the top of the Seller’s list – at No. 1. If I am selling your home, I am up against the other Sellers to make your property stand out as the best. As your agent, I am driven to “win.”
  • LOCAL MARKET KNOWLEDGE. Is your agent working full-time?  Are they studying the numbers and aware of subtle market changes? Do they specialize in certain areas of the community or city?  Do they know the rules and regulations specific to each city or community?  I work full-time, monitor market numbers daily, and I know each area within each city – I study the hyper-local market. With years of experience in real estate and calling the South Bay home all my life, I have a pulse on the market every day.
  • EXCEPTIONAL COMPANY & PERSONAL REPUTATIONS. Are the agents and the firms they work for looked up to as leaders? Do they have the largest market share locally? Donna has aligned herself with the top producing South Bay franchise for 10+ years running. This isn’t simply to market myself. With Re/Max Estate Properties, I have significant insider information for Buyers and a far reach when representing Sellers. I choose to align ourselves with only the best.
  • EXPERIENCE & PROVEN RESULTS. Does the potential agent possess the knowledge and expertise to guide you in unforeseen circumstances? Has s/he experienced buying and selling in all types of markets? I have worked with developers, investors, first-time home buyers, seniors, out-of-the-area buyers, as well as clients buying their 5th or 10th property.  Whether it’s negotiating a free lease-back for a senior who might need a longer time to move from his/her home of 40+ years, or taking over a listing from another agent who could not sell the property for 6 months, then selling it in days – I have done this and more.  I finished out the 2019 year as members of the Re/Max 100% Club and have testimonials from very satisfied clients to share with you.
  • FINANCIALLY INVESTED, HEALTHY BUDGET. It takes a healthy budget and years of building recognition in the real estate profession in order to provide services to clients which get their homes sold. Investing starts years before the listing of a home – involving search engine optimization and building a reputation amongst other local Realtors and clients.  It takes money and creativity to pre-market and prepare a home for sale.  I have invested in a professional website, use professional photographers and videographers and invest in both advertising and marketing to best expose your home when it goes to market.  I further belong to multiple networking groups, where we share upcoming properties for sale and off-market properties, which provides opportunity and value to Buyers. I know I have to spend money to make things happen – and I have a healthy budget.









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